For the first time in her career, Carrie Underwood really opened up and got personal on her latest album, Cry Pretty. As the writer, co-producer and singer, Carrie tells us she basically put in all on the line with this project, and while getting all her emotional baggage out was cathartic, it also puts her in a very vulnerable spot. ["I'm just not good at dealing with stuff. I'm good at working. I'm good at kind of shoving things to the side and, you know, 'I've got stuff to do so let's do these tasks at hand,' and I felt like just this past little while has been really good at making me deal with my own emotions. It's been good for me but it's also been scary because if you inject yourself into your art and then you put your art out into the world and people don't like it or judge it or whatever it's like they're kind of judging you or they don't like you, you know, so I really hope for better or for worse people just get it."] SOUNDCUE (:46 OC: . . . just get it.)

Clearly fans are responding positively. Her latest single, "Love Wins," is a Top 15 hit and climbing on the charts.

Carrie is at home getting adjusted to being the mom of two boys, while at the same time prepping for her upcoming Cry Pretty 360 tour. The trek launches in May with special guests Maddie & Tae and Runaway June.

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