Carrie Underwood learned that her former tour guest, not she, was her son's chosen Valentine on Friday (Feb. 14th). On Valentine's Day, Carrie tweeted, "This morning I asked Isaiah who his Valentine is, fully expecting that he would enthusiastically say, 'You are, Mommy!' Instead, he said 'Maddie.' Yes, @MaddieMarlow is, apparently, his Valentine. #HappyValentinesDay people!" Maddie & Tae's Maddie Marlow responded, "Oh my gosh I love that sweet boy so much!"

Isaiah developed a little crush on Maddie when the duo opened for his mom on her Cry Pretty 360 Tour last year.

Carrie first shared Isaiah's crush on Maddie last May when she tweeted, “This morning my 4-year-old, who hates wearing jeans, asked to wear jeans so he could ‘look cute for Maddie.’ He also asked me to fix his hair and to get him some flowers that he could give to her.”

Carrie is inside the Top 30 and climbing with her latest single, "Drinking Alone."

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