Chris Janson has made his career a family affair. His wife, Kelly, is his manager, and he tells us that wherever he goes you can usually find their combined four kids in tow, too. ["To be honest with ya, I would not want to do it without them. I don't feel comfortable traveling without Kelly, and I don't feel comfortable working without Kelly so therefore she is my manager. You know, our kids, I think the most important part for us is we don't ever impress what we do upon them. It's just kind of the lifestyle so they can go if they want to and they don't have to go if they don't want to, that kind of thing, but we travel as a unit just because I mean we're a family. That's what families are supposed to do. They're supposed to spend time with one another."] SOUNDCUE (:24 OC: . . . with one another.)

Chris won't have too far to travel with his family when he returns to the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville to play his second sold-out headlining show at the venue on September 25th, his first since officially becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry. It was on the stage of Chris' first sold-out Ryman Show in February of last year that Keith Urban surprised him with the invitation to join the Opry.

Chris' third studio album, Real Friends, is due out on October 18th. The album's current single, “Good Vibes” is a Top 20 hit and climbing on the country charts.

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