With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, Chris Young is reminded of how grateful he is for everything his mom has done for him, particularly since she was a single parent for several years. He tells us: “It's a really big time of year for everybody. Even if it's just to get to spend a little time with your mom. You know, it's not necessarily all about, you know, getting her a gift, it's about just saying, 'Thank you.' I mean, they really do shape so much of your life. Your parents do. And your mom's always a big person. Especially for me. She raised us for a little while, me and my sister, basically by herself. Before my stepdad, who I call my dad, came in the picture, it was just her. And we . . . I never, as a kid, wanted for anything. And that was how my mom looked at everything. And that's how a lot of moms do, and I think that's why we have a Mother's Day. Just some of the stuff they do, that they give up for their children, really to make sure you have a great life and a great experience as a child. It's pretty amazing how much of their personal time they give up, and go, you know, 'This isn't for me, this is for my kid.'”

Chris performed last night (Thursday, May 9th) in London on his Raised On Country Tour. He'll have some time to spend with his mom on Sunday (May 12th) before continuing with his tour stateside on May 16th in Alpharetta, GA with special guest Dylan Scott.

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