Cody Johnson's hit single, “On My Way To You,” is relatable to fans and to the singer himself in many ways, including how it pertains it to his career and the journey he took to get where he is. He tells us: “You know it talks about all the bumps and bruises that you get. I look out at my crowd when I sing that song — 10,000 people — and go, 'Yeah, the whole time I was on my way to right here.' I also think that if you listen to it as a whole it gives you courage to know that the things you're going through right now, there may be something waiting if you just push and you persevere and you keep a good attitude about it. I love everything about the song, and it's really fun to sing. It's really fun to sing (laughs).”

Cody's headlining tour dates this weekend — in Philly, NYC and Norfolk, VA — are completely sold out.

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