Cody Johnson's debut single, "On My Way To You," is pretty personal to him, even though he didn't write it. The song connected with so many aspects of his life that Cody immediately jumped on the opportunity to record it for his debut major label release, Ain't Nothin' To It. He tells us exclusively: ["'On My Way To You,' I heard about four lines and I went, 'That's a no-brainer.' And I love the imagery. It paints such a beautiful picture, and for me it parallels not only my path to my wife, to meeting my wife, and really that pivotal moment of I thought I was gonna be a little badass and ride bulls and have a 'I'll fight you and I'll do whatever . . . ' and then I met this woman and it just completely shattered all those dreams and made me (realize), 'I need to be a good man. I need to be a better man.'"] SOUNDCUE (:30 OC: . . . a better man.)

Cody will hit the road with Justin Moore beginning on February 15th in Toledo, OH.

Ain't Nothin' To It was released last month. It debuted at Number One on the Billboard Country Albums chart.

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