Dustin Lynch celebrated his career sixth Number One hit as an artist and first as a songwriter with “Good Girl” yesterday (Monday, March 25th) in Nashville. He and his co-writers Justin Ebach and Andy Albert toasted with industry members and friends.

“Good Girl” was a bit of a surprise for fans and industry alike because Dustin had fairly recently released a new album, Current Mood, when he dropped the song, which is not featured on that project. Dustin tells us that taking a risk and bucking the system really paid off and makes him approach songwriting from a whole different perspective. “It's kind of made songwriting exciting for me even more so because the Current Mood album was six months old I think whenever we wrote this song and all of a sudden we're putting it out, so for me it excites me as a writer. Everytime we're in the writing room it could be a pivotal moment to where just because you just put an album out doesn't mean you've gotta put a single off of it, you know, and Current Mood was a great thing and then we got some more new stuff that we're excited about so we decided to move on to 'Ridin' Roads,' but, yeah, it's changed the way I think about writing and recording and it's fun. It's fun like that, you know? Makes every day count.”

Dustin just released “Ridin' Roads,” which is featured on a three-song EP of the same name which he released earlier this month.

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