Eric Church fans are in for a great time this weekend when he kicks off his 2019 Double Down tour, but they might not get to hear their favorite song. Eric tells us that the two nights in each city will be totally different. [“Some people may be surprised to learn that there’s only about five songs from our back catalog that are gonna be both nights. I’m going to play most of the Desperate Man over the two nights; probably six a night for those, but they’re not gonna be what they think. So, we’ll play ‘Smoke a Little Smoke’ one night, but you won’t get it the next. You’ll get ‘Drink in My Hand’ the next, but you won’t get it the first one. So, we’re gonna make this a little bit where they’ll be those songs in there, but they won’t be both nights unless you go to both nights. It’s just the way we’re gonna do it. I think that it’ll make it interesting for the people that are coming, and it’ll make the show fun for us.”] SOUNDCUE (:38 OC: . . . fun for us.)

The Double Down tour kicks off on Friday (January 18th) and Saturday (January 19th) in Omaha, Nebraska. Eric is set to play two nights in each city, except for Nashville in which he’ll play Nissan Stadium, and perform six albums worth of material.

He is hitting the airwaves with his new song, “Some of It,” from his current Desperate Man album.

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