In addition to 15 songs, including their current hit single, “Talk You Out of It,” there are also four comedic skits on Florida Georgia Line's new album, Can't Say I Ain't Country. The skits feature Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley's friend, called Nugget, doing a character he invented named Brother Jervel.

Tyler tells us: “So we did like four comedic skits or voicemails that kind of segue into the next song in our album and we’re really excited about it. It’s something different for us, something cool, something a lot of other artists are doing in the urban and hip hop world, but nobody’s really done it in country. How it originated was we have a friend that we call Nugget, a.k.a. Brother Jervel, who hits us up every now and then and leaves voicemails for us mainly just to get a good laugh. He’s got an alter ego that’s just hysterical. He’s a preacher in a small church and he always hit us up and made us laugh so we figured hey let’s have him do some little skits on our album and break it up a little bit, do something different and hopefully give a little comedic relief, if you will. So we’re excited to do that, excited to get that out there and excited for him. He’s a brilliant writer and an amazing comedian.”

Can’t Say I Ain’t Country is the first album Tyler and Brian co-produced with their long-time producer, Joey Moi. It was officially released on Friday (February 15th).

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