Florida Georgia Line's latest single, “Talk You Out of It,” represents the “next chapter” for the hit-making duo, according to Brian Kelley. Brian and Tyler Hubbard didn't write this song, but as BK tells us, it's pointing them in a new direction. “You know it’s a little different for us, kind of slow down. And it’s extremely sexy and it just felt like, kind of the next chapter, the next move. And it’s a song we didn’t write, a song some of our good buddies and some of the best songwriters in town wrote on it, and just another way of showing what we do and what we can do. And it just felt like the right thing. I mean you never want to put out, the next single shouldn’t sound like anything really you’ve done before. I think there’s an element of ‘that sounds familiar, that sounds on brand.’ I think that should happen and I think that’s what we did, and just another taste.”

FGL walked away with Top Country Song for “Meant To Be” with Bebe Rexha at last night's (Wednesday, May 1st) Billboard Music Awards.

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