The third pre-sale — and first one open to the general public — for Garth Brooks' Legacy collection on vinyl is completely sold out! Inventory was gone over the weekend after going on sale on Friday (April 12th). According to Yahoo!, Legacy is the most sought after vinyl of 2019. This week, AOL said, “Brooks proved his selling power during his first-ever vinyl collection's initial two pre-order windows: During the first 18-hour opening, he sold 420,000 vinyls and, during the second 24-hour period, he sold another 300,000. That brings his current total vinyl sales to 720,000 in less than 48 hours.” Forbes added, “to put this in context, The Beatles were the number-one vinyl artist in 2018 with 321,000 sales in over 12 months.”

Legacy consists of seven vinyl albums, with seven separate CDs of the same titles including bonus tracks not found on the vinyl. The albums are Triple Live, a three-disc set, as well as No Fences, The Chase, In Pieces and Fresh Horses.

Garth said he offered vinyl at the request of his fans: “The question that kept poppin’ up is, ‘When (are) you doin’ vinyl?’ and you think, ‘Well, surely it’s gotta go away,’ right? It’s just . . . and vinyl kept growing and kept growing. But vinyl pieces – if you’ve ever gone out to get vinyl pieces – they’re like 29 bucks, and like, that’s not what we do. So, we got with a company to figure out how to put seven of ‘em in here with seven totally same-titled CDs, but with bonus tracks on the CDs, too, ‘cause a lot of people don’t like to break into their vinyl.”

The Legacy collection will be released later this year.

Garth's Stadium Tour rolls on to Gainesville, Florida on Saturday (April 20th).

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