Nineties throwback band Hot Country Knights (HCK) are releasing their debut single called "Pick Her Up" and it features special guest Travis Tritt. Dierks Bentley AKA HCK lead singer Doug Douglason co-wrote the song and produced it.

Doug said, “The sound behind 'Pick Her Up' is Hot Country Knights 101 . . . it’s so hot that I have advised the radio promotion department at UMG to wear oven mitts when delivering it to Country radio. Travis is an old buddy of ours. We go way back and everybody knows when you need a hit, you call Tritt. We appreciate his support and all our friends in the biz that are coming together right now to help us finally get our shot."

HCK has taken full credit for everything 90s, from the music to the fashion and even the mullets. During a press conference with the band yesterday (Thursday, Jan. 23rd), one reporter asked HCK about Morgan Wallen's part in bringing the mullet back into 2020 and Doug was pretty offended. He said: ["We patented and trademarked the mullet. We own it, just like we own 90s. If you do anything 90s country hashtag that's us. Go look on your Google machine right now and go to the Instagram and put in #90s country. If the Knights don't pull up first I'll be damn. We own that, and we trademarked the mullet. We had it first, and so whatever Morgan's doing now we need to get our people on that, make sure we're getting a piece of that."] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . piece of that.)

Hot Country Knight's single "Pick Her Up" is now available at all digital retailers and heads to Country radio early next month.

Hot Country Knights Doug Douglason On Owning 90s Country :

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