Hunter Hayes has released a new album digitally called Wild Blue (Part 1). He co-wrote all 10 songs on the project, which is his first full album since 2015's The 21 Project.

Wild Blue was created in the midst of a lot of upheaval in Hunter's life, as he tells us exclusively: ["It was just a lot of change, a lot of change — personal, professional, friendships. Different things changed shape, and a lot of things I would have preferred not to change but they kind of changed anyway without really me being able to make the decision and I think that's what was meant to happen, and like looking at it head-on as it all started kind of changing around me, it was an obvious chance for growth if, if I like leaned into it."] SOUNDCUE (:27 OC: . . . leaned into it.)

Hunter's current single is called “Heartbreak,” which is available on digital platforms everywhere and is already number one on the iTunes Country Chart.

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