Jimmie Allen is a superstitious guy, and he makes sure to carry his good luck charms with him wherever he goes. One in particular, an LA Kings replica championship ring, came his way when he was about to abandon his music dream forever. Jimmie's grandmother had died just a few months before his son was born and he was feeling pretty down and out. He decided to take in an LA Kings hockey game back in 2014 and that's when he knew he had to keep pursuing music. ["Nothing was going on in my musical life and I was just frustrated. I was in LA at the time. I was like, 'Yeah, I'm done with this music stuff.' I was like, 'God, if you have a plan for me, if this music thing is what I should be doing then I need a sign, I need a trophy, I need something to hold onto,' and I'm just throwing out the craziest requests that won't be fulfilled to give me an excuse to quit. Little did I know that the game that I went to, they were celebrating the LA Kings winning the Stanley Cup from the year before, so as soon as I walk into the game and walk up to the suite they were handing out these replica rings. I said, 'Damn!' So for me, that was my sign just to keep going."] SOUNDCUE (:43 OC: . . . to keep going.)

Just a few years later, Jimmie is a bona fide hitmaker, recently charting his first Number One hit with "Best Shot."

He co-wrote his new single, “Make Me Want To.” Of the song, he said,
 “I’m a sensitive guy. I’m usually the one to catch feelings for a girl first. So while on the surface this song may seem like it’s the typical ‘boy meets girl at a bar’ type of story, it’s really about a guy who falls head over heels for this girl, just like that. The lyrics say it best: ‘Yeah it might be too soon to say I love you, But you’re gonna make me want to.’”

Jimmie joins Kane Brown on his headlining Live Forever Tour next month.

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