Jon Pardi has been singing and learning about performing country music since he was a little boy. His introduction came from his grandmother, as he tells us: “My grandmother loved to sing, and she would sing anywhere she could ‘cause it made her happy. And so when my parents would leave me with her while they went to work, most of the time we were in the little room when George Strait tapes and Garth Brooks, and Randy Travis, George Jones, I mean all just traditional country singing and having a good time recording ourselves, and so I grew up singing so it really helped me get my voice in, and my grandma was a great performer. She didn’t have the great voice, but she could definitely entertain a room and I got some of that too I think from her.” Jon is closing in on the top spot of the country charts with his latest hit, “Night Shift.”

He continues on tour with Dierks Bentley on May 30th in Cincinnati, OH.

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