Jordan Davis has the most-added song at country radio this week with his new single “Slow Dance In A Parking Lot.” He co-wrote the track with Lonnie Lee Fowler, and as Jordan tells us, it comes directly from Lonnie's real-life experience. “We kind of re-lived Lonnie’s first date with his wife. He started talking about how I think they went to a movie, and then on the way home Garth Brooks came on the radio, they pulled over into a parking lot and started slow dancing. You read the title and that’s it, like where do you go other than the fact that these people are eventually gonna end up be slow dancing in a parking lot? So, I think for me one of the reasons why that title just jumped out to me is alright we’re giving them what this song is about from jump street.”

Jordan is set to perform “Slow Dance In A Parking Lot” on ABC’s Strahan and Sara this Thursday (April 25th).

The song follows Jordan’s back-to-back No.1 hits “Singles You Up” as well as “Take It From Me.” All three tracks are included on his debut album, Home State, which is nearing 500M total streams since its release last March.

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