Justin Moore sings about those soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country with “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home,” but as he tells us, one of his favorite things to do is watch the poignant videos of the soldiers who do you make it back home, and he definitely keeps Kleenex close by. “I love these videos. I’m addicted to ‘em, these videos of these soldiers surprising their kids and their wife coming back home, or their husband. And I sit there and watch ‘em over and over and I’m just like boo hooing, because that’s something I can relate to. Obviously not anything comparable to them, but just being away from home and coming back home. So it just makes me think man, one, how lucky I am that the longest I’m ever gone is 10 days or something like that, which is rare. And these men and women are gone for a year at a time. And just to see these kids, the elation on these kids’ faces is pretty cool.”

Justin is touring on the West Coast this week, with upcoming shows in Modesto, Costa Mesa and Los Angeles, CA.

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