An Uber driver in South Florida saved the day when weather delayed Keith Urban and his band from getting to their scheduled performance at Sun Fest in West Palm Beach on Sunday (May 5th). Keith and crew were originally supposed to land at Palm Beach International Airport but severe storms diverted their plane all the way down to Miami International Airport. Once there, they were not allowed to de-plane because of lightning strikes in the area.

Once they got off the plane, the group hopped into an Uber and made the 65-mile trek with a driver who Keith called his “hero.” He told the packed crowd, “So, we were like, we aren't going to make it to the gig, at all, what do we do? We freakin' Ubered there, is what we did.”

Keith and his band took the time to take a photo with the Uber drive, named Echevarria, which Keith shared on Instagram writing, “HUGE THX to our bad ass Uber driver Echevarria who got us to the gig tonight. You saved the show brutha!!!!!!!”

Keith credits Echevarria's speeds of 100+ miles per hour in torrential rain with getting them to the gig.

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