Luke Combs is not a big spender despite his massive success over the past couple of years, but he's a very generous guy. Rather than spend his money on fancy vacations and flashy cars, Luke has invested some of it in his parents. He tells us: ["I helped both my parents retire within the last year, which has been a really amazing experience, and that decision was solely predicated off being able to spend more time with my parents as they get older, so watching that happen has not only been a joy for me but a great way for them to have the financial freedom and the ability to come out and experience some of these awesome things that I get to do right by my side, which is . . . I wouldn't trade it for anything."] SOUNDCUE (:28 OC: . . . it for anything.)

Luke continues on his Beer Never Broke My Heart Tour on the west coast. He played the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles last night (Wednesday, October 23rd). This weekend, he plays in Fresno and Sacramento.

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