Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd will celebrate their first wedding anniversary this weekend. The couple tied the knot on March 24th in Nashville surrounded by family and friends.

Both Maren and Ryan have spent the past year keeping up with their respective busy schedules, but as Maren tells us, they remain constantly connected. “We are able to really talk and laugh through everything and even in the hard times when we don't see each other enough we are still like constantly on the phone. We have just so many close ties together that it just doesn't always feel like work. Some days it's work, but we're about to have our one-year anniversary and we've been together I guess officially three and we just kind of can't believe sometimes that this all worked out (laughs).”

Maren continues on her Girl: The World Tour this weekend with shows in Seattle both tonight (Friday, March 22nd) and Saturday (March 23rd).

Ryan performed last night (Thursday, March 21st) in Washington, DC.

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