Midland is wrapping up work on their sophomore album, more than a year and a half since the release of their debut project, On The Rocks. The guys are anxious for fans to hear the new stuff, which Cameron Duddy tells us represents quite a bit of growth. “We’re putting the final touches on it. We’ve learned a lot from our first album. Shoot, when we did “Drinkin’ Problem” single, that was like three years ago. So we’ve grown a lot, put a lot of miles on the road, and learned a lot of things about our live show, and that influenced a lot of decisions that we made on the album, and wanted to make it fresh, but it’s still Midland. It’s all of us playing all our songs. I think one big difference that we hope you can hear is a cohesion in the band. We had our band play on the album this time, our road band, the guys that we spend every waking hour together. We’ve got a musical connection that we wanted to capture on the album. So in those ways it’s changed for the better, for sure.”

Midland’s next album will be released later this year and will feature their current single, “Mr. Lonely,” which is climbing the charts.

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