Old Dominion were the guest recording artists on last week's episode of the NBC’s hit series Songland, as they looked for a song to be featured in a new Jeep brand commercial. The band, along with Jeep/FCA CMO Olivier Francois, chose Songland contestant Katelyn Tarver’s “Young” to be released and featured in the 90-second Jeep brand commercial, in which Tarver appears as a character.

Songland gives up-and-coming songwriters with a rare opportunity to collaborate with music producers who are responsible for today’s biggest hits. As guests on the show, Old Dominion members Trevor Rosen and Matthew Ramsey tell us they were presented with so much talent that they had a hard time choosing a winner. [“Doing the TV show, Songland, was actually really cool. You know, we’ve never really been pitched songs before.  We’ve always written every song we put out. So, it was really cool to see these up and coming songwriters play some great songs for us. And, you know, see them get an opportunity too.  We remember what it was like to be songwriters just trying to get any opportunity we could so it was cool to be a part of that for them too. (Ramsey) It was super tough though to choose songs, they were all so good.  I remember the first song, I was like ‘Man, this is going to be hard because a lot of times you get pitched songs, quite honestly, they’re pretty bad. But, you know, at this level, to be presented with such great songs just every time . . . It was pretty amazing.”] SOUNDCUE (:38 OC: . . . was pretty amazing.)

“Young” is now available to stream and/or download.

Songland airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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