Randy Houser will release his new movie inspired by his latest studio album, Magnolia, to digital platforms including Amazon and iTunes on August 20th. The film, also called Magnolia, is both a visual representation of his work and a narrative film thematically based on the music. Randy tells us exclusively: ["I just wasn't really crazy about making fragmented videos from separate ideas in the songs cause I wanted to present the album as a whole and not just have these different ideas going on so . . . and we just decided that it should be presented this way visually rather than the way you would just take and video and you'd have a separate idea for the song, it was just a way to do something fun and different and just be creative."] SOUNDCUE (:31 OC: . . . just be creative.)

Randy had the idea for the movie's storyline, also insisting that it be filmed in his home state of Mississippi. The singer tries his hand at acting in the film, where he plays a bartender coincidentally named Randy.

The Magnolia album is the result of a nearly two-year journey of self-exploration through music. He said, “Magnolia has been my beacon of light and restored my spirit and my truth. It’s also the most daring and honest piece of work I’ve made in my life.”

Randy performed at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville on Tuesday (August 13th) night. He brought along his newborn son, Huck, who Randy wrote on Instagram was making his "Grand Ole Opry debut."

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