Runaway June have their first bona fide hit on their hands with “Buy My Own Drinks,” which sits inside the Top 15 on the charts and climbing. Trio members Hannah Mulholland, Jennifer Wayne and Naomi Cooke co-wrote the song, and Hannah tells us exclusively that they immediately realized this song stood out. “This song from the beginning always felt different, so the write was super easy and super fun, which doesn't always happen. Within that first week after writing it we performed it for the first time at Stagecoach (country music festival) and immediately the fans started gravitating toward it. They were singing the lyrics back by the time we were on the second chorus, which never happens, so we kind of knew there was something special going on cause I think it just feels good. It's pretty easy to grasp and follow along and I think it's kind of a situation that everybody can hopefully find themselves in. We want to be empowering to everybody to just love yourself. That's a pretty universal message, so it's just always felt different.”

“Buy My Own Drinks” has also made history for Runaway June. It has been 14 years since an all-female trio hit the Top 15 on the charts. The last time it happened it was SheDaisy with “Don’t Worry ‘Bout a Thing” in June of 2005.

“Buy My Own Drinks” is included on Runaway June's debut album, Blue Roses, in stores everywhere today (Friday, June 28th).

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