Sheryl Crow’s new album, Threads, includes 17 songs of collaborations with artists like Willie Nelson, Vince Gill, Keith Richards, Stevie Nicks, Joe Walsh, and Maren Morris. She calls it her last album. She says she’ll continue to record, just not in full album form. Sheryl told us this: “The common thread is music and the people that made them. When I reflect on my career, I reflect on a seven-year-old who was obsessed with records and would pour over the album credits and would dream about becoming a Stevie Nicks or a Bonnie Raitt or an Emmylou Harris or a Keith Richards. And that thread, from the moment of being inspired by musicians and music, runs all the way through my life creatively and personally. And it leads me, actually, into this next generation of young artists who are still inspiring me to make music and do what I’m doing.”

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