Trisha Yearwood’s new album, Let’s Be Frank, is a tip of the hat to Frank Sinatra. She listened to every Sinatra song she could get her hands on before deciding with producer Don Was, which ones to record. She tells us there’s one song out of the 12 that wasn’t intended for this album: “I went through and kind of highlighted classic Frank songs that you have to do. And then my favorite songs that I have to do. And I remember the first sit-down meeting with Don Was – Don said, ‘Okay, right now – just write down 12 songs. If you had to pick 12, what would they be?’ And, honestly, this album turned out to be 11 of the 12! And the 12th song ended up being an original song that I wrote with Garth…which I never intended to be on the record – it just kind of found its way because it seemed to fit.”

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