Thomas Rhett is on tour promoting his new album, Center Point Road, which comes out next week, (May31) but this week he’s focused on how important our military is. With Memorial Day weekend coming up, his thoughts are with those who serve. TR told us this: “My cousin was a Marine. I’ve had several family members that were in the Army. And just recently we did a show in Hawaii and it was the night before Hawaii and we were talking to the promoter of the show and he said that – cause we had sold the show, it was like a 360 seating show – and he said he was going to give basically the entire section to all these Marines that had just gotten home from like an 18-month deployment yesterday. And so getting’ to hang out with those guys and gettin’ to talk about their life and how tough that is. Like we think we have it a little bit hard because we’re gone 50 days a year, like that is just a whole different level. And the level of respect I have for the people in our military it’s just like, you can’t really put it into words because I don’t know what it’s like to be gone that way and deal with the stuff that they deal with on a daily basis. But just the sheer thankfulness that I have that I get to write songs and play music because of what they’re doing for us in whatever part of the world they may be in. Just super grateful and constantly in our thoughts and in our prayers.”

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