Thomas Rhett is a huge fan of all kinds of music and loves to take in as many concerts as he can. As much as he's there for to sing along to his favorite songs, Thomas tells us he takes every opportunity to observe and learn, much like he did at a recent Drake concert in Nashville. He attended that show with his producer. “I was in his ear the entire night going, 'We should try that. We need to do that. That probably cost a half million dollars a night. We can’t do that.' I love more than anything going to shows of people that I feel like continually, year by year, set the bar. You go to those shows not only to have a blast but to learn, because those are the people that are the trendsetters and the people that every year you know that when they open an awards show it’s going to be the sickest thing you’ve ever seen. And going to Drake, it was really, really neat to watch all the chances and risks he took as far as production goes, and the merch, like, you learn so much from going to a lot of different shows.”

Thomas is now in the midst of his brand new Very Hot Summer Tour, which kicked off in Canada on Wednesday (April 24th) night with special guest Dustin Lynch. The tour is named after a song on his new album, Center Point Road, which will be released on May 31st, featuring his latest hit single, “Look What God Gave Her.”

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