Thomas Rhett has a lot of people around him who offer their opinions on his music, but he tells us that his wife, Lauren, is the only one he truly listens to. “She is the ultimate gauge. If she didn’t like a song, it more than likely means that 70 percent of the female population are not going to like a song, which is a big percentage. And so I’m always playing her songs, and Lauren is a person that when she listens to a song, she is strictly listening for feeling. Not that she doesn’t care about lyrics, but if you can get her to love a song within 15 seconds of the song starting, she’s onboard with it.”

Clearly Lauren gave the thumbs up to his latest single, “Look What God Gave Her,” which is racing up the charts. In fact, Thomas co-wrote the song about Lauren.

He and his wife and kids have been enjoying exploring Australia while Thomas has performed several shows there. He wraps things up Down Under on March 20th in Melbourne.

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