Thomas Rhett is working on a new album to release later this year, and his plan at this point is to include at least a couple of musical collaborations. If you follow Thomas on social media, then you know he’s been co-writing with people like Nick Jonas and Charlie Puth, so the options are wide open, but for now Thomas is keeping his lips sealed. He tells us he learned that lesson the hard way: [“Yeah, there’s a few things, and I’ve said things in the past about collaborations that didn’t pan out and I got roasted on Instagram, like, ‘Where was that collab?’ Well, it’s sitting on the shelf somewhere. And so yeah, we do have a few really cool collabs and we’ll probably have a few more on this record for sure. I just feel like singing songs alone is fun, but singing songs with your friends is so much more fun, and I think that that’s what this community is about is about really supporting each other and getting your buddies on songs and making it a party. And so I think that on this record there will definitely be two, I think — don’t quote me on that, but there could be more. But we’re still kind of in the baby phases of beginning this thing. But we’re gonna start truckin’ here and really try to get a vibe for what’s really gonna happen.”] SOUNDCUE (:36 OC: . . . really gonna happen.)

Thomas is still working on his next album while his latest single, “Sixteen,” nears the top of the charts.

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