The video for Thomas Rhett's current Top 15 hit, “Look What God Gave Her,” has been released and it features his wife, Lauren, and two daughters, Ada James and Willa Gray. The clip was released over the weekend, where it took over the Viacom billboard in the heart of New York City's Times Square.

The clip highlights inspirational trailblazing women ranging from charitable leaders, mothers, artists and beyond. Thomas said, “When we started talking about the music video, it was natural to include Lauren, but I also wanted to include other inspirational women who are doing some amazing things. Rather than hire actors for the video we connected with the founder of Love One and her family, the women of Thistle Farms and an incredible artist who also did our art for the single cover to come be featured. Being able to spotlight them and celebrate these strong women along with with my wife and daughters was such a special experience.”

“Look What God Gave Her” is the debut single from Thomas' upcoming album, Center Point Road, due out in May.

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